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Ubot Code Gen Text Animation (GIF)

Gen Text Animation (GIF)

clear list(%Chars)
set(#Text,”Hello World”,”Global”)
add list to list(%Chars,$find regular expression(#Text,”[\\w ]”),”Don\’t Delete”,”Global”)
loop($list total(%Chars)) {
set(#Temp,$next list item(%Chars),”Global”)
set(#CharCount,$list position(%Chars),”Global”)
plugin command(“Advanced Image.dll”, “text to image”, #TextOut, “Segoe UI”, 90, 000000, “FFFFFF”, 700, 300, $plugin function(“Advanced Data Text File.dll”, “$create file loop name”, “{$special folder(“Application”)}\\Images Out.jpg”, “_”, 1000, “False”))
add list to list(%ImageFiles,$plugin function(“Advanced Data Text File.dll”, “$get files 2”, $special folder(“Application”), “*.jpg”, “True”, “Root Directory Only”),”Delete”,”Global”)
plugin command(“Advanced Image.dll”, “image to gif”, %ImageFiles, “{$special folder(“Application”)}\\Test Text Gif.gif”, 500)