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  • How to Deactivate Licence & Delete Licence Please Read In Download URL
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How to download and install plugin

1. After you hit the download You can get the file extension “.txt”.
2. When you open a file. “.txt” to the link for the file “.dll”. And sample files.
3. Link to the trust placed Addess bar of Browser you are using. (For example, Chrome)
4. Press the Enter key
5. You will see a lot of files. But for you to download the file “.dll” (or you are Jersey Press Ctrl + A to select all the files, right click on any file selected. You’ll see the download menu).
6. Open the menu bar Ubot Studio >> >> Tools >> Plugins … >> When plugin dialog appears, click the Add … >> >> Choose file “.dll” >> close the dialog plugins. X marks
7. If a dialog appears. For license. Gives you the license to be put. I usually start with an “op-” >> Press OK >> wait if a valid license, you get a success message.
8. The license issue You can manage your account.


Q: After installing the plug-in, but the plug-in does not appear in the program Ubot Studio.
A: install “.NET Framework 4.5.2 or last version” >> Restart your computer.

Q: Unable to contact License Server.

Unable to contact License Server.

  1. Not yet installed .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Recommend 4.7.2)
  2. Do not change the file name of the plug-in (.dll) file ot other name.
  3. Do not have duplicate plug-in files (.dll).
  4. Check the Internet and System Proxy.
  5. Check Anti Virus, Anti Malware, Firewall, Host file – that is blocking access. “”
  6. IP has been blocked due to trying to access this site abnormally.


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